Partnering for Success

Torngat Metals commits to social and environmental mining leadership and is one of a few junior mines adopting IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance), the most demanding global mining sustainability standard.

We celebrate the importance of building mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities. Our five-point framework for ESG-Indigenous leadership will guide us in building a shared value business that has lasting positive impacts in Québec, in Nunavik, in Labrador and all regions where we will operate.


Five-Point Framework

The distinct lands and its peoples shape our five-point framework for leadership in ESG-Indigenous (ESG-I)

1. A commitment to ESG-I leadership is behind all our decisions for designing and building the business

  • As we build and evolve from exploration to mining, we start with ESG -I leadership as our guide for all our decision-making and actions.

2. Celebrating the opportunity to operate in partnership with Indigenous communities

We will engage the Nunavik, the Naskapi, the Innu Nation of Labrador, and the Innu of Quebec in the Schefferville region in our development and operations planning to generate significant economic and social benefit in these areas. Among the many shared benefits are:

  • Training and employment programs for local, long-term job creation
  • Supply partnerships and co-creation of new local business opportunities

3. Low impact mine operations made possible by our exceptional geology at Strange Lake

Selective mining at Strange Lake

Our investment in extensive updated drill sampling confirmed that Strange Lake’s deposits have exceptional qualities, allowing for selective mining, with tremendous environmental advantages

  • Selective mining lowers energy use, GHGs, and waste materials, compared to common open pit mines
  • We will process only the highest value ore at the mine site, with no wastewater or tailings ponds, leaving areas of low concentrations intact and reducing geological impact on the lands

Advanced processing plant in Southern Quebec

  • A rare earth concentrate will be transported for processing to Southern Quebec, reducing transportation energy and GHGs
  • Large scale piloting to confirm processing efficiencies at scale allowing to set and monitor high performance environmental targets
  • Investments in specialized processing technologies for lowest possible waste, water and energy/GHG footprints at processing plant

4. World class technology, engineering and financial partners that share our ESG-I leadership mission

  • From our cornerstone financial partner, Cerebus Capital, to our technology and engineering partners, we’re surrounded by people with the same ESG-I leadership mission.

5. Embracing leading ESG-I mining standards and transparency

  • As evidence of our ESG-Indigenous leadership goals, we are pending members of IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance). IRMA is recognized for its rigorous requirements plus third-party audit, setting a high bar for environmental and socially responsible mining policies, practises, and transparency with all stakeholders.