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The Torngat Metals Strange Lake Rare Earth Project in Nunavik, Canada, is a strategic rare earth asset for North America. It will strengthen the country's position as a major player in rare earth mineral markets. The project is in one of the best mining regions in the world, and the deposit consists of the full suite of light and heavy rare earths - neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium. These rare earths are essential for the production of electric vehicles, wind energy, robotics, drones, and other leading-edge technologies.

The team prioritizes responsible mining and environmental preservation as a part of its commitment to sustainable development and local community engagement. This project has the potential to propel Canada's rare earth mining industry onto centre stage, while building on North America's technological and economic development in related industries.

Strange Lake

A Strategic North American Asset

Fully funded to Bankable Feasibility Study with strategic partner Cerberus investing US$50 million.

ESG-Indigenous Strategy

Partnering for Success

Torngat Metals commits to social and environmental mining leadership and is one of a few junior mines adopting IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance), the most demanding global mining sustainability standard.

We celebrate the importance of building mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities. Our five-point strategy for ESG-Indigenous leadership will guide us in building mutually beneficial business that have lasting positive impacts in Québec, in Nunavik, in Labrador, Schefferville, and all regions where we will operate.

Rare Earths

Needed for Low Carbon Shift

Rare earth elements are essential to the transition to a low-carbon economy. They are critical to making high performance magnets, needed for the motors in electric vehicles and wind turbines.

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Our Value Propostion

Stands Out

In the critical material space, the Torngat Strange Lake Rare Earth Project provides a compelling value proposition. Strange Lake is a high-quality rare earth deposit with global significance...

Dirk Naumann, PHD
President & CEO

Dirk Naumann, PHD
President & CEO

Torngat Metals

Meet the Team

At Torngat we believe a team is not simply a group of individuals who collaborate. We are a group of people who have mutual trust, respect, and concern for one another.

Our success as a rare earth company in Canada is built on the strength and dedication of our personnel, and our financial and technical partners. We can accomplish anything when we work together!