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Heavy rare earths-the nub of the problem

Without new and secure sources of heavy rare earths in particular, the world cannot address climate change. Permanent magnets, essential to high efficiency EV drivetrain motors, require heavy rare earths (Dysprosium-Dy, and Terbium-Tb)

“Rare earth permanent magnets are crucial to North America’s electrification and decarbonization ambitions. Permanent magnets are essential to manufacturing high-efficiency motors used in electric vehicles, drones, robotics and increasingly in wind turbine generators. Electric vehicles (EVs) require a high-performance battery and a high-performance drivetrain motor. The battery system is unavoidably bigger and more expensive than the drive train motor. This means that motor efficiency, enabled by permanent magnets, is critical because a less efficient motor requires a larger battery, which adds significant cost and weight.” Christine Burow, CMO

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