Our Value Proposition

Stands Out

In the critical material space, the Torngat Strange Lake Rare Earth Project provides a compelling value proposition. Strange Lake is a high-quality rare earth deposit with global significance. The project not only will be able to competitively meet the growing demand for rare earth elements, but it will also be able to supply both light (Nd Pr) and heavy (Dy Tb) rare earth elements for the permanent magnets needed for the upcoming electric revolution and low-carbon industries. Once in operation, the Strange Lake project would be one of the world's important suppliers of dysprosium outside China. These project attributes, combined with Torngat management's pursuit of best-in-class sustainable operations and top ESG-Indigenous project credentials, represent a unique value proposition that makes us stand out among peers. 

Value Proposition


Globally significant market

  • A strategic asset positioning Québec and North America as a powerhouse in the permanent magnet supply chain

An integrated source in a top-tier mining jurisdiction 

  • Our unique geology offers the full suite of light and heavy permanent magnet rare earths elements, not typically found in sufficient quantities in one project

ESG-Indigenous leadership 

  • Committed to delivering excellence in responsible mining based on mutually beneficial collaboration with Indigenous and all communities

Fully funded to Bankable Feasibility Study 

  • Backed by US$ 50M from cornerstone investor Cerebus Capital with long-term investment horizon

Proven and efficient processing

  • Detailed geological model enabling selective mining and advanced ore sorting for lowered environmental impact and significant efficiencies

De-risked and advancing  development

  • Cost-competitive process with low capital and operating costs, leveraging innovation and best-in-class clean technology by partnering with experts in rare earth engineering

Deep technical and strategic expertise 

  • Torngat is supported by a world-class team of technical and strategic advisors, and renowned experts, spanning all phases and dimensions of the project