Torngat’s rare earth products: separated rare earth oxides


The Bécancour plant design will support the production of 11,150 tonnes of REO with high purity separation capacity for the high value rare earths. 

Our mine location: Strange Lake, Quebec


The ore extraction and concentration will take place at the mine site adjacent to Lac Brisson on the Quebec-Labrador border, about 250 kilometers northeast of Schefferville. The processing and refining of the ore concentrate will be done in Bécancour, Quebec.

World class location supplying global demand


Quebec is one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world. Strange Lake is the largest HREE resource in Quebec capable of meeting the industry's long term supply needs.  

Extracting and processing our rare earth ore


Torngat will operate an open pit mine and a concentrator at the mine site. The beneficiation will consist of a combination of physical ore sorting and flotation, a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial combination. The ore concentrate will contain a high concentration of the very valuable REE required for manufacturing of permanent magnets.

Reduced environmental impact: wind power at mine site


Torngat Metals’ energy supply plan will significantly reduce diesel consumption,  greenhouse gases emissions and environmental risks compared to diesel and heavy oil powered systems typically used at remote mines. The bulk of the electricity required at the Torngat mine site will be generated by wind power. 

Lockheed airships: from mine to processing


Torngat will ship concentrate from the mine site using Lockheed Martin LMH-1 hybrid airships, operated by Straightline Aviation. From Schefferville, the concentrate will be transported by rail to the Port of Sept-Iles and from there by ship to Bécancour. The concentrate will be in confined transport systems and will never be in contact with people or the environment until it is fed into the processing facilities.

Refining and separation in Bécancour, Québec


Torngat Metals processing plant will be located in the existing heavy industrial park in Bécancour, Québec. This location is ideal because it provides access to (i) unlimited fresh water; (ii) green electricity; (iii) marine/ocean access and, (iv) experienced workforce.

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