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Torngat Metals makes two breakthroughs in developing one of the world's largest rare earth deposits

Torngat Metals is developing the Strange Lake deposit in Northern Quebec. Many people know that this is one of the largest rare earth deposits globally, rich in rare earths for permanent magnets including heavy rare earths. A common view has been that the deposit is too remote and the capital will be too high to make the project feasible. Well, we have made two breakthroughs. The first is that we have confirmed our plan to use airships and therefore we do not need to build a new 240 km road. Working with Lockheed Martin and airship leasing companies, we have confirmed that airships will be commercially ready in time and will be economically attractive. Second, we have confirmed that we can liberate the rare earths much more easily than originally planned. The rare earths are predominately in fine grain minerals in fractures and we do not have to grind the host granite.  Stay tuned for more details on these exciting developments.

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"Torngat Metals commits to being a stable and sustainable long-term rare earth supplier" 

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