About Us

Meet the team

At Torngat we believe a team is not simply a group of individuals who collaborate. We are a group of people who have mutual trust, respect, and concern for one another.

Our success as a rare earth company in Canada is built on the strength and dedication of our personnel, and our financial and technical partners. We can accomplish anything when we work together!

Board of Directors

The following individuals are world-class in their fields of expertise, providing technical and strategic guidance to the Torngat Metals executive team.

Tom Gilman



Nicholas P. Robinson

Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management


John P. Gallagher

Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management


Alberto Galeone

President, CEO, Treasurer and Director, Sherbrooke Capital


Elias Hage

President, Hagecor International


Cerberus Capital Management

Our Cornerstone Investor and Strategic Partner

  • As a global leader in alternative investing with approximately $60 billion in assets, Cerebus provides not only financial strength but also access to world class expertise, and extensive senior relationships with government, industry and influencers.
  • Cerebus has a long-term investment horizon and a commitment to Strange Lake, having invested US$ 50 million in Torgnat, the single largest rare earths investment in Canada
  • Cerebus' ESG values for its portfolio companies directly aligns with Torngat's commitment to ESG-Indigenous leadership
  • Torngat is the first critical minerals investment within Cerberus' Supply Chain Opportunities Platform

“We are thrilled to be working with Cerberus on the next phase of our project. Cerberus, a reputable and experienced investor, has acknowledged our project's potential and promise. Cerberus, as a cornerstone investor, brings invaluable expertise and resources to help drive the project's success.

This is an incredible opportunity for Torngat, and we are excited to collaborate with Cerberus to make our vision a reality.”

Dr. Dirk Naumann
Torngat CEO